Business Activity Monitor

Real-time information on every process, presented in an easy to understand format

Process Optimization

Get key insights into processes with process metrics and custom reports

Process Audit

Perform deep drilldowns into each process to eliminate bottlenecks

Process Analytics

Generate custom reports, use dashboards, and derive actionable insights

Visual Designer

Create your workflow visually and make quick changes anytime you want


Task Routing

Items are automatically routed to the right team members based on SOPs

Task Assignment

Reassign items to the right team members even while a process is in progress

Business Rules

Handle complex decision branches and make instant changes as required

Decision Hub

Automate your decision using this customer decision hub

User friendly

Agent Assist

Boosting agent productivity by providing the next best steps in the process

Code free forms

Build and tweak forms with rich content and media without writing a single line of code

App-less interface for customers

Process can be triggered from digital and social channels like WhatsApp, Chat or QR Code

11 Automation States

User friendly Automation states to automate business scenarios


Manual Tasks

Automated assignments, escalations, and notifications to increase speed and reduce error

Auto Tasks

Auto completion of tasks using 11 automation states

Out of the box Integrations

Connect your Internal fulfilment systems with customer facing digital or social channels

Micro Scervices

Cross-system orchestration made possible through robust and extensive APIs

SLA Monitor

Ensure that all SLAs are monitored and executed consistently well


Cloud native application built on serverless architecture and multitenancy


Communication Manager

Keeping everyone in loop using automated communciations

Events Driven Workflow

Trigger workflows from unstructured events like a missed call or an SMS

Omni-channel Availabilty

Publish Workflows across different channels of customers' preference

Smart Document Manager

Document classifier, digital data extraction & auto chase pending documents

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