Quick resolution

Listen to your customers round the clock and help them instantly on the go.

Predictive intelligence

Answer your customers' queries instantly via AI-powered automated conversations.

Zero waiting time

Save your customers’ time by giving instant replies to all their policy related queries.

Happiness Score

Return on Happiness is a unique framework that analyses customer & employee happiness.

Parallel conversations

Go beyond your capabilities and connect to multiple customers simultaneously.

Conversational UI

A single natural language interface for all customer needs.

Building relationships for


Automating interactions between the management and employees is a necessary step in the digitization process. It helps in reducing costs, drives efficiency and increases happiness.

Customer service team

Deliver delightful experience to your customers when and where they want. Take the pressure off your current team and focus the human efforts on more demanding tasks.

HR team

A happy team means better business. Improve employee onboarding and gain actionable insights by providing tools for work satisfaction and stress management through automated conversation.

E-commerce team

Deliver omni-channel natural language experience for your shoppers and provide instant gratification. Drive sales by delivering shopping opportunities in the channel that your users prefer.

Marketing Team

Reach and engage potential customers through one-to-one conversations at scale and in the channel they prefer.

Text & Voice

Resolve, not deflect

Boosting agent productivity by providing the next best steps in the process

Available anytime

Build and tweak forms with rich content and media without writing a single line of code

Easily customize call scripts

Build and tweak forms with rich content and media, without writing a single line of code

Elastically scalable

Process can be triggered from digital and social channels like WhatsApp, Chat or QR Code


User friendly Automation states to automate business scenarios

Have natural conversations

User friendly Automation states to automate business scenarios

Conversation is the first step of relationship building

Agent Assisted responses to reduce handling time


Agent-Assisted Chatbot

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